My first blog post…

Crickets chirp in the distance.

Here it is. My first post on a barren, virgin blog.

Obviously I want to write. Its satisfying to create art, and I plan on specialising in horror/suspense, but who knows where this path will take me.
I’m only now about to finish the first short story that I plan on actually submitting for print. I’ll probably send it to a few magazines and horror publishers that do collections. I’m pretty excited, but trying to focus on the writing.
Of course, I’m doing this blog post instead.

I figure, the best way to motivate myself is to make goals, and if I make them public.. Well, I couldn’t face the shame of letting down fans that don’t exist yet, now could I?
Prospective bosses might find this. How humiliating would it be if this is the only post I ever make?

My plans are to, this year, finish my as yet untitled story (aiming for 2500 words), submit it to as many outlets as I can, and start another to be done in January. I’ll also have  started and mostly completed a novel outline by the end of January.
3 months after each story is sent out, I will post it here for free for at least a week before moving on.

Thanks for reading, but I better get back to writing.

Stay tuned for my next post later this month, announcing the completion of the as yet untitled story.


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