Okay so maybe it’ll be march..

This is your typical modern love story. Boy meets girl. Girl teases boy. Boy becomes obsessed. Girl is a monster. Boy finds Cthulhu instead.  Okay, so maybe Cthulhu isn’t in the story.. But wait! There  guaranteed to be at least a passing tidbit of a Mythos nature…

I decided to break my budding story into parts, of about 1200 words each. Everyone has time for a 5 minute read, no?

Here it is. The series is unnamed, but this is Part I, tentatively named ‘Obsession’.
Please don’t be afraid to comment, good or bad.

It will always be available in this form, on this blog, and future stories will also be temporarily posted under ‘pages’ like this one. So follow this blog, read the first chapter, and comment. Or else.


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