Book I, Part II

He barely hesitated stepping through the threshold, enveloping himself in darkness and inhaling the scent as deeply as he could. Somehow he hungered for it. His soul, his core craved more and nothing else mattered.

Several steps into the pitch-black room, his eyes struggled futilely to adjust. He had barely begun to perceive the outlines of the room, when a bloodcurdling hiss from his left startled him back to reality.

His heart stopped and his knees started to buckle. He felt himself airborne, flying across the room before he even noticed the pain. A pain, unimaginable. Excruciating, yet numbing.

He hit the wall, and was thankful to lose consciousness.

He awoke with a dull pain in his side. Wincing, he felt his side, and his hand fell on something wet and ice cold. He began to panic, afraid to move. He suddenly felt a wave of nausea.



It wasn’t blood. He had no wounds. The cold wooden floors had manipulated his imagination. He tentatively tested his toes. They moved fine. His knees. They worked. He carefully shifted his weight to get up. He rolled onto his stomach, ignoring the shooting pain that he surmised was a broken rib. He looked forward, and froze. He was being watched. Hunted.Someone else was here. He saw them now.

Crawling on all fours, gracefully inching toward him, was a person. The stranger seemed to move with a bestial grace, barely making a sound. He grabbed for something to use as a weapon, but there was nothing but a cold wall, smooth except for the deep indentionĀ  in the drywall where he had hit it, and the colder floor. His phone…

He faced his attacker, and his eyes finally began to focus. The thin frame, hiding an unbelievable strength. It crawled closer, and he struggled to make out details. Long hair framed her.. Yes, definitely her, face. She crossed a line of filtered moonlight shining through the window, and her fangs became apparent. She seemed to pause, studying her query, and his heart stopped again. His stomach knotted, and true panic set in. He worked up all the energy he could, but was frozen in shock. Her golden brown eyes had him locked in place.

His mind reeled, and as she inched forward, he finally opened his mouth.

“You… You’re..” He gasped out.

He inhaled again, suddenly inhaling the smell of lilacs again, which seemed to give him strength. “You’re beautiful”, he stammered, before feeling all his energy leave him and fainting.

It was her.


The sunlight was blindingly bright, and the same smell was everywhere. Lilacs, and.. Blood, he suddenly realized. He quickly glanced around. He was in his car. He turned the key, and the dash clock displayed nine zero zero.

He’d slept all night.

Had it been real?

How much of it?

His mind told him it must have been a dream, but the dull pain in his side said no. As he drove home, he replayed the previous nights’ events in his head. He’d made up his mind by the time he got home.

Everything she’d done made sense now. Obviously, she wanted him and just couldn’t be with him because they weren’t the same. He was convinced he could remedy that.


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